Shipping & Delivery

shipping. the fastest is 10 days by air and the slowest is 30 days by shipping. If you do not receive the goods after 30 days, please contact me.
⚠️ With COVID restrictions, deliveries are likely to take longer, so please be patient! ⚠️

Back Orders

Products available on backorder will be shipped as soon as stock is available. Products available on back order are listed as such on the ‘product page’. We endeavour to ship our pre-sales as soon as possible in all cases. Products on back order are given the utmost priority to be completed in a timely fashion.


A cancellation of an order prior to shipment based on ‘change of mind’ or ‘changing circumstances’ is not offered.

Battery Storage

For customers purchasing their electric skateboards for usage to occur at a later date after delivery, we strongly recommend that the battery is charged every four weeks. This is important for customers who purchase an electric skateboard as a gift in advance. Without regular charging, the batteries can be affected and the capacity can be decreased as the cells are left unused. For more information on battery care please see our full list of battery care recommendations.

Why don’t we offer free returns?

We do not accept returns for change of mind. In our line or products, unless the item is majorly damaged or defective upon arrival, we’re not able to offer returns for a refund because there is a moderate risk of damage in transit once the goods have been taken out of the carton by the customer.

We accept a certain level of risk each time we ship out one of our electric vehicle products and unfortunately the courier accepts nil responsibility. If something is damaged in return freight, essentially we may have cost ourselves the value of the write-off if someone has simply changed their mind, or didn’t read the item description before purchase.